People Services

Amica recognises that people are integral to organisational success. Our People Services are focused on the performance and effectiveness of staff.

Having worked with organisations globally across a range of sectors, we have experienced the impact (both positive and negative) that behaviours and interpersonal skills have on individual, team and business performance. Companies spend millions of dollars on “Change Programmes” but don’t always achieve the desired or expected outcomes. More often than not this is because the change focuses on the processes and systems but neglects to adequately address the impact of the behaviours of those involved in leading the change and those affected by the change.

Amica’s People Services focus on working with executives, managers and leadership teams to develop measurable behaviours and interpersonal skills that will improve individual and organisational performance.

Amica has worked with organisations as part of larger organisational improvement projects and on stand-alone projects in the following areas:

  • Conducting audits of HR processes, policies and practices to identify risks, gaps and best practice
  • Undertaking organisational design reviews to create more effective organisation structures
  • Streamlining people management practices and training managers in how to deploy them effectively
  • Providing Laser Coaching sessions to help staff solve specific work problems
  • Working with Project and Change Managers to coach them on overcoming the people issues they face on their projects
  • Assessing organisational culture and developing strategies to shift culture
  • Transforming HR processes and operating models
  • Coaching senior executives to improve personal and team performance.