Amica consultants have been helping Healthcare providers improve their performance and processes. We recognise that, while many of the pressures experienced in commercial and industrial organisations are prevalent, there are also significant differences, including:


  • the pre-eminence of the patient – patient care is the bottom line
  • very devolved authority and responsibility
  • highly specialist inputs at all points on the patient journey
  • intense public interest, scrutiny and accountability

As a result, our approach is designed for the specific needs of the sector. The key differences include:

  • emphasis on patient care, and the patient experience, at all stages of our projects
  • deployment of more rounded and experienced consultants, who can persuade and influence, not just analyse
  • small footprint engagements, which provide maximum leverage and minimise the burden on the time and budgets of hard pressed staff
  • vigorous governance, to ensure effective communication with all interested parties

The fundamentals of our approach to operational performance improvement in Health are collaboration, pragmatism and risk avoidance. We recognise that for Health Care, disruption to “business as usual” is not an option. As a result, we have a consistent record of success in the sector.