• Healthcare Sector

    Amica has been helping Healthcare providers improve their performance and processes. We recognise that, while many of the pressures experienced in commercial and industrial organisations are prevalent, there are also significant differences.

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Since foundation Amica’s work has recognised that the role of the consultant is to help clients overcome obstacles to change. We focus single-mindedly on two essential aspects of change. First, we use all of an organisation’s available data to build a comprehensive snapshot of current performance. This will have sufficient rigour to convince the most sceptical staff member. Second, we engage staff at all levels in the development of solutions.

We are good at advice but we don’t sell it. Our clients know what they want and we help them deliver it. The key to our progress has been our ability to help people as individuals, and as part of a team, be more successful. Our programmes link individuals’ performance directly to the organisations’ success, and make that link visible. This enables us to positively influence behaviour and results, and enables us to succeed where others fail.

Amica’s approach is straightforward. Short term, a diagnostic review will make an evidence based case for change. Medium term, an improvement programme will implement the changes required and realise the benefits. Long term, our sustainability processes will embed, perpetuate and develop your new processes to meet future needs.

A critical dimension in our work is speed. We work quickly, we don’t stand on the sidelines, our consultants roll-up their sleeves and join your team. Most programmes have paid for themselves by completion.