Rapid Profitability Improvement

For commercial clients, Amica specialises in programmes of rapid profitability improvement. These typically have two components: Pricing and Cost Reduction.


Amica’s approach to Pricing is data driven. Most companies have vast quantities of information on customer and sales force behaviour, which we tap to build comprehensive pricing models. These are used to focus on specific aspects of pricing and discounting which can be targeted through management attention.

Our experience covers:

  • Research – trade off analysis, focus groups
  • Market Models – product profiling, competitor profiling, market share predictions
  • Pricing Models – price elasticity, dynamic segmentation
  • Discount Management – waterfall analysis, unit price scatter, customer loss assessment
  • Pricing Delivery – sales team training, pricing rules and procedures, channel pricing

For many organisations, Pricing is an immediate opportunity to deliver substantial benefits, quickly, easily and straight to the bottom line.


Amica consultants have delivered pricing projects which:

  • will add $300m over 5 years to the revenue of a major Australian bank
  • added $10m per quarter to the bottom line of a large glass manufacturer
  • doubled the profitability of post sales for a major equipment manufacturer

These are not isolated results; in our experience, these benefits can be acheived by most organisations.

Amica’s approach to Cost Reduction has two key principles: rigorous diagnosis so the maximum gains are achieved, and heavy-hitting delivery to ensure the business functions effectively post-project. Delivery