Online Strategy

The internet and social media are now integral to how businesses and organisations interact with with their customers, clients and communities. Initiatives such as the National Broadband Network (NBN) will provide greater access and faster internet speeds, opening up more opportunities in the digital economy. What is the digital economy? It is a global network comprising technologies such as the internet, mobile devices, social networks, e-commerce and the like, all of which enable people around the world to interact, connect, transact and engage.

Through our subsidiary Amica Digital, we are able to assist you to:

  1. Build your online presence
  2. Grow your customer, subscriber or membership base
  3. Build brand awareness
  4. Do more business online
  5. Get leads, make sales, take donations or recruit members
  6. Engage and interact with your customers or community using online tools and networks
  7. Develop your online strategy
  8. Analyse your online performance and the effectiveness of your online strategy
  9. Improve productivity and performance through the use of online tools, software and technology
  10. Protect your reputation, secure your data and ensure privacy of sensitive information